Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Day 129
I just walked to my parent's and back - in the rain, though we've only had a little. Someone must have loved this moggy as it had a lovely red collar. Hopefully, they will be informed of its demise as the ID tag had been removed. I will use this sketch as the basis for a memory painting, as soon as my rhubarb patch has recovered from the possums' winter feasting and can be used as a 'model'. 3 km walk


Tami said...

Yay! more memory sketches to come! This is a sad drawing though, poor kitty!

Julie Oakley said...

I used to have an illustration tutor who had a hands-on approach to collecting animal skulls, because they were so useful for scientific illustrations, so you can imagine what he would have done in your place!

Penny said...

Oh Alison, poor cat, but good on you for drawing it. I was tickled by your 21 a mother, when this year I was 21 years a GRANDMOTHER!! Oh help.
Enjoy it all.