Thursday, August 03, 2006

Day 95
My day for the car, so I spent the morning doing the marketing, then cycled over to Mum's for the afternoon. She was a little better but very unsettled so I decided to try my watercolour pencils to do Dad's ancient dressing gown. I always used to think he looked very funny wearing it, with his thin hairy legs sticking out below and knowing that he had nothing on underneath - he's not a pyjama man. 3 km cycle - not enough!


Penny said...

You do such lovely sensitive work Alison, and I think the one of your mother is beautiful, I feel priviledged to see it.

Tami said...

You paint a funny mental picture of you Dad in this! That hook is so fun, I liked it on your other sketch too!

Jana Bouc said...

Your story about your Dad brings back so many memories and the robe seems so full of life. I'm so glad you're able to keep this up during such a difficult time in your life and hope that it brings some peace and joy.