Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Day 100
Just a short cycle ride today as I spent my 'spare' time catching up on the gardening, ready for Spring. I went to the local park where there are some very large silver birch trees which have these amazing 'eyes' where branches have been removed. I thought this drawing would make a good double page with yesterday's effort. It wasn't a very relaxing time as City Parks were experimenting with a new watering system and sprinklers kept starting up without warning or pattern. I had to be ready to run but I didn't actually need to. 3 km


Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Tree trunks are amazing. There's a gingko tree in the Geelong Botanical Gardens with very strange bumps like teats.
The eyes have it in your pic.
I wonder if the ayes will have it in Canberra today as they debate where to put asylum seekers. Okay, you don't get political in your blog, sorry.

Julie Oakley said...

That is absolutely fantastic - and a bit creepy. Love it

Tami said...

These are almost spooky! I love both the Aspens and the Birches the do get this intriguing eye effect! Great perspective!

Felicity said...

Thanks for your lovely comments on EDM Alison! This tree trunk is amazing and strange too (read: great subject matter!) Love the old lady dancing, what a sight!