Saturday, July 29, 2006

Day 90
I just walked over to Mum's today. Mum and Dad's beds have been moved downstairs into the den. There is a kitchen and dining table at one end and Dad's desk, an arm chair and a slow combustion stove at the other. The beds are squeezed in the middle and though it's very cramped, it means Mum is at the centre of everything and Dad pops in often. Behind the combustion stove, Dad has hung his favourite old tools, some from his father and others picked up on his travels, and his gardening tools - everything handy. I cared for Mum from 9.00 'til 4.00 and kept adding to this drawing when she was peaceful. I will colour it later. 3km


Tami said...

These are outstanding! I love old tools, can't wait to see them with a little color!

Julie Oakley said...

I'm glad you scanned it before adding the colour - I like the line version