Friday, July 28, 2006

Day 89
I walked to Hermione's bench with my brother so didn't draw then. Walking home from Mum's in the evening, I mused upon the moon's own rythm of coming and going in the inky black sky. It's been some week. 6km


Jana Bouc said...

What you are creating here is really phenomenal. I've visited your other site but not this one recently. These drawings and poignant words about your mom are so touching and beautifully done. Perhaps at some point they could also be preserved in a memory book of your mom. I'm happy for your family that you are so nearby her and able and willing to visit and cheer her up. She's lucky (but I bet you are too--she must have been a good mother!).

Tami said...

This is BEAUTIFUL, I love the inky black and the yellow crescent.