Thursday, July 13, 2006

Day 74
No time for a walk until 9.30pm, after my bath - we all go through the same bath and I have to have it first as I like it very hot, and just for a couple of minutes - then everyone else can have their turn while I'm out. I walked around the suburb and back past the shops. For a while, I've had in mind to do these baskets waiting in the bakery window for the next day's rolls - a very rough sketch but perhaps a good subject to force me away from all the fine detail, much as I would like to draw every cane - not at this time of night though, and at minus 2 degrees. 4 km


Julie Oakley said...

Great stack of baskets. Yours or someone else's?

Penny said...

I dont have baths, story that goes back to being the last one in as a child, ugh.
Love the baskets and yes wasnt the moon fantastic on Wednesday night.

Alison said...

oops, Julie - I meant to say - in the bakery window. Our bath time is really good family time - the bath is in our ensuite so people laze around on our bed waiting for their turn and chatting - I didn't think this would last past the kids' early teens but it has :)