Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Day 72
A Possum! I cycled 12 km today, but didn't stop to do any drawing. Later, I walked over to Mum's again to see how she is - she's having a bad patch at the moment with terrible pain caused by Parkinson's disease. She had some friends visiting but was very tired. On the way home, I saw several possums getting ready to begin another night of vandalism and urban terror, protected by law every step of the way. There are those who love them and those who loathe them - you can see which category I fall into :)


Tami said...

We have opposums in the U.S but I have never heard of them peeing on the car. HUMMMM, maybe that peeling paint is a bad type from the dealer... Love his beady red eyes!

Julie Oakley said...

Very funny drawing and writing. Sorry to hear about your Mum - my father -in-law suffers a great deal with Parkinsons

Penny said...

Oh Alison I have a friend in Adelaide who wages war on them every inch of the way and always loses. Interestingly we hardly see them here although I did have a pet one at one stage, he lived in the roof and came down at night for bananas.
Love the tale of woe.