Monday, July 10, 2006

Day 71
I cycled into town to do some business and then went on to the art shop to buy a new tube of warm yellow - I have for the first time in my life finished a tube of paint! - but the art shop was closed for renovation and expansion (some different goodies, maybe) so with the dollars burning a hole in my pocket, I gave in and finally bought a pair of gloves. As you can see, I can't really paint in them, especially using my left hand to do my right, but they will be nice for cycling - and now I am grown up, I don't have to have those horrid strings going from the gloves, through my coat sleeves and pulling across my back. 14 km ride


Hashi said...

Oh my, you've been doing all this winter cycling without gloves???

Knitting Painter Woman said...

What a great idea-- Julie's, I guess... walking or biking somewhere and sketching and walking/biking back. I'd love the link for the original suggestions, or a note with a bit more "structure." (I rationalize SO much, that I sometimes don't get started.)
Congratulations on fitting into your "former" pants! I just lurk at EDM.

Julie Oakley said...

I quite like the strings on the gloves, though elastic is a bit better.I'm going to look out for gloves without fingertips for drawing in our winter.
Knitting painter woman I think the first post of my onemile blog explains it but feel free to re-interpret