Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Day 65
Today, I set off about 4.30pm to walk the loop - this is just one of many possible views looking west down the lake. I really enjoy trying to catch the feel of the last of the light - the silhouettes and the colours but it's tricky as it changes so quickly and then it's completely dark. 6 km


Julie Oakley said...

Oh I think you caught it here. The bright glints on the liquid surface before it all disappears. Lovely.

Karen at Pen in Hand said...

Alison - the light and reflections are great here. I added you to my blog roll. Glad to discover the Five K part of your art.

Tami said...

Alison, I didn't realize you had this second blog! I love the touch of sun left in the day on this combined with the darker shadows! Excellent!