Friday, June 30, 2006

Day 61
A freezing day - not a scrap of blue sky. I cycled to the bank again to sort out some paperwork and got chilled. Then, as I've had my hot chocolate for this week, I sat on a public bench to draw this family ordering their meal and got even colder. It's now 8.30 pm and I still don't feel warm - time for a hot bath.10 km cycle.


Hashi said...

I especially like the Dad. Nice use of watercolour.

Jan said...

Alison, I really admire your tenacity! Sticking with this daily project through a Canberra winter! It's always a pleasure to drop by and see what you've been doing.

Penny said...

I keep thinking of you, its always colder in Canberra than any where. Lovely grouping. Stay warm!