Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Day 59
I cycled to Woden to do banking, visit the library etc then had a hot chocolate. This young lady, sitting at the adjacent table, was trying to contact someone on her mobile and still had most of her drink so I thought she might stay still long enough to draw her. After a while, she noticed me and we got chatting - she's just visiting Canberra for a few days - funny how lives intersect. Nice meeeting you, Anna. 10 km cycle ride


Jana Bouc said...

Really nice drawing. I often draw people and worry about getting caught. It's so nice when people stick around long enough! It's nice you got to meet her as well.

Julie Oakley said...

This is very nice, she looks very attractive. Re, jana's comment, I think my main concern is that it only takes a line to wobble slightly in one direction rather than another for a portrait to be unflattering and for some reason it's very difficult to convince people that it really is unintentional!

Katherine said...

Hi Alison - I think I've finally sorted out why I wasn't seeing any pictures so you should see more comments in future!

Great sketch!