Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Day 58
I really like this little porch of an old weatherboard cottage. Originally, the weatherboards were all government houses built to house workers at the local brickworks which spread a pall of smoke over the area making it unattractive to wealthier people. There were about 8 house designs, including this one with the set-in porch. There are very few of this style left as they are very small but on large blocks which are generally being sub-divided and redeveloped. 4 km


Hashi said...

It looks very spare and Japanesy. Nice.

Penny said...

Our house is weatherboard and galvanised iron! Built in bits and pieces, first bit was a "tin" shed about 1909 when John's father first came to the farm, we have all added on bits, now its quietly falling down! Not really but it is getting tired. Like the look of yours, a comforting light in the door.

Jana Bouc said...

I like the way the light shines through the door in the dark, and that you didn't try to lighten up the porch and make things more detailed thus really capturing the indistinct look of things in the dark.