Saturday, June 17, 2006

Day 48
A friend and I set off for Sydney at 6.00am this morning to see the Sydney Quilt Show (disappointing) and then the Kevin Connor sketch books (stunning) and the Sydney Biennale at the NSW Art Gallery. Here I have sketched Madeleine, Scarlett and Sebastian who were enjoying an art experience by zipping themselves into these 'viewing boxes' and gliding them around the room on deliciously smooth casters. With the viewing slits, they reminded me of burqka-clad women with the elegant movements of ballerinas. The 'pictures' to be viewed were simply small, shiny, black rectangles. Who the artist was or what their intentions escaped me altogether - and I'm not sure I got the children's clothes and hair colour correct - never mind - it's good enough :)


Penny said...

Sounds like an interesting day, like the llok of the children, and they look as if they had fun

Julie Oakley said...

Makes a wonderfully odd 'arty' illustration. Without the explanation you could read all sorts of things into it.