Thursday, June 15, 2006

Day 46
I cycled to the Central Basin of the Lake to meet up for a walk with Robin. It was about 2 degrees. We walked over the two bridges - under the hand-rail of Kings Avenue Bridge, I spied a row of amazing frozen spider webs. Only the strands with built-up frost were visible so it looked as if some bits were just floating free. The contrast between the regular triangles on the bottom right web and the adjacent 'muddle' was interesting. I drew black on white but I think this negative print gives a better impression of the delicate whiteness. 8 km cycle; 5km walk


Julie Oakley said...

I was just going to ask where you got that wonderful opaque white pen! Duh! Lovely and warm here - I have it easy at the moment.

Sioux said...

Wonderful job! I just love your blogs!! Both of them!