Sunday, June 04, 2006

Day 35
This morning was a glorious day and I pushed my mother in her wheel chair several kilometres along the lake edge and back again, with a break in the middle for a hot chocolate at the National Gallery. I dropped Mum home then rushed off to meet Ralph and Grandad at the football, having to park the car a kilometre away from the grounds. It was the Swans versus the Kangaroos - a close match with the Swans last minute winners. The girl in the middle, snogging the orange-haired lad turned her attentions to the boy on the left of her when the orange-haired fellow left early! 6 km


Penny said...

I watched the football on tv, love your story of the girl in front.
I imagine you are cold there, we skiied in Perisher for several years and occasionally we would head up to look at Canberra, never its best in winter I feel and that is the only time I have ever seen it.Cheers Penny

pedalpower said...

I love the way you colored the foreground and left the background in black and white.