Friday, June 02, 2006

Day 33
It continued to rain until after lunch, by which time I was really keen to get out in the fresh air. After months without rain, I wanted to draw a puddle and found this one on the bike path along the way to Hermione's bench. As well as reflecting yet another pretty, soft sunset, there is the upside down spire of Black Mountain Tower. And already the grass has a green tinge. 6 km


Carole said...

Hi Alison,
Thanks for dropping by, and for your comment on my picture.

Your blog is quite a discovery - that's quite an inspiration, doing exercise and a sketch every single day! I like your pictures too. I am fascinated by puddles. They can be so overlooked, yet so interesting.

Penny said...

Hi Alison
Thank you for making a note of my arrival on your blog, funny we should both be at funerals. Hope I can keep up with this everyday bit Penny