Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Day 31
Last day of May, already. I set off on my bike along the bike path on the southern side of the Lake. This is the view looking across to the city. The long, low building in the foreground, with peculiar huge loop, is the National Museum of Australia. There is a commercial building boom at the moment hence all the cranes. Commonwealth Bridge is on the right. Yachts can just pass underneath if they tip over a little at the highest point. There is a policy of not building up the hillsides so there is very little evidence of housing - it's all hidden by trees, in the foothills only. Today, there was more evidence of cockatoos than people. 5 km


Hashi said...

When I drive around Canberra in view of the lake, and marvel at what a small and pretty city it is, I'm always struck with amazement that this is the capital city of an industrialized Western country. I'm really enjoying your illustrations. I think it's cool that you're introducing Canberra to an international audience :-)

Penny said...

Alison I wondered where you other stuff had got to, what a wonderful idea.I love your daily scenes and yes it makes you go out and do something everyday.
I have entered this one in my favorites too Penny in Victor Harbor