Sunday, May 28, 2006

Day 28
I walked to Hermione's bench and back, having already decided I would try to catch these amazing flowers that neighbours down the road have in their garden. Approximately 2" across, they are flowers of Hakea Laurina, a tall, multi-stemmed, strap-leafed bush. I couldn't think how to draw its delicate, pale-pink bristles (petals?) on my white sketchbook page and anyway it was getting too dark - so I came home and did a simple collage while Ralph cooked sausage and chips with salad for dinner. 5 km

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Julie Oakley said...

This is lovely and demonstrates beautifully what I've always thought, which is that designers of printed textiles can't possibly run out of good ideas when nature constantly offers such gorgeous patterns for inspiration. Wouldn't that make the most lovely fabric.