Friday, May 26, 2006

Day 26
This household (not us) doesn't bother to take their winter fire-wood in from the nature strip, put it under cover (perhaps not necessary these days as it no longer rains) or stack it. It provides a welcome touch of variety (element of squalor) that slows the suburb's rush to up-marketdom. Actually, the pile was five times this size but darkness fell and I had to go and pick my sister up from the airport. We heat exclusively with wood, in a slow combustion stove (not used for cooking) but most people now are switching to gas for convenience.
4 km


Julie Oakley said...

I reckon we may well be the ones that slow the area's rise to up-marketdom around here:) Well, at least we left the two rotting half-built catamaran hulls behind when we moved house! Nice drawing - but I hope your neighbours don't read your blog.

Jan said...

Up-marketdom schmarkedom! I love your sketch. I love your previous one of the smoked lamb too. I have a love/hate relationship with images of butcheries. I love this one!