Thursday, May 25, 2006

Day 25
Japanese drummers - I cycled into town to meet Finnian for lunch (just a 'lemon juice' we had, of course). Afterwards, I was about to cycle off when these drummers started up. What I most enjoy about these sort of events is the creation of the 'artwork' before one's eyes - people working to make it happen/speak and you can see the energy, soul, spark that is poured in. Such input is also required for the visual arts and is evident in successful works but you don't see it happening - just the 'trace' of it after the fact - I find it very exciting and inspiring, regardless of whether I like the work or not.
The bald man in the middle was huge and wore his sunnies on the back of his head. The rhythm was controlled in the beginning but became wilder and wilder. 12 km


Julie Oakley said...

Visual artists are so lucky to have those 'traces'. Once again a fascinating post.

Katherine said...

I was trying to work out what was looking a bit weird about the sunnies - and now I know!