Friday, May 19, 2006

Day 19
Well, you can all laugh - I am, my dear son has. Today I walked 'the loop', my favourite walk, along with Hermione's bench. (I am getting around to doing a map) - through the woods, down the Governer General's drive and alongside the lake and the golf course. The kangaroos were having a last evening feed on the golf course. I did take 3 photos but without my glasses, I thought I had them in the screen - but no - turned out I was aiming at the tree tops! :) I also sat down to draw them - they were fairly still so the fault is all mine - I just have no experience drawing animals - never mind - have to start somewhere. Anyway - I do often see roos around my suburb, just 5 minutes from the national Parliament. Sometime soon I will go and sketch the politicians. That will certainly ruin the page. 5 km

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Julie Oakley said...

When I was a student I spent hours at London Zoo drawing Grey Kangaroos - poor things it was so cold. You've still caught that kangaroo essence.
BTW I thought it was supposed to be a myth that Australians actually see any kangaroos on a regular basis.