Thursday, May 18, 2006

Day 18
I had to cycle to Woden again. As I set off, I realized there was a huge rain cloud and I didn't have my rain coat. Never mind, I thought, it's more likely to rain if I don't have it and I can do a drawing about testing Julie's theory that you hold out a sketchbook under a cloud and it will rain. But by the time I had done my errands, the cloud had gone (Lesson:always sketch it now) so I painted this long view of the smoke from burning-off somewhere towards the Cotter. I'm quite pleased with it, even though there's not much there - it's the first time I have painted directly onto paper. I am going to stitch myself a watercolour sketchbook soon. 8km


JaKo said...

By my opinion this picture has everything what need . I like it´s zen-ny style. Good job !

Hashi said...

Alison, we may have been at the same dances. I think my heydays were in 1976-77!

Julie Oakley said...

I think you should be pleased with it, it's very lovely.