Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Day 17
I cycled to the shopping mall at Woden to buy Ralph a birthday present. It was closed all yesterday due to a bomb scare and there was lots of grumbling about it - especially from the food vendors who had to throw away lots of prepared food. All of this exercise is making me very hungry so I went to the food mall and enjoyed a small falafel/salad wrap. There were so many people gobbling - all except the baby. 8km return


Katherine said...

You look like you've been taking a look at Wally's blog ( with all the mini pictures of people he does in Starbucks. And then before we know it you'll be hanging around in Starbucks! Or maybe you don't have Starbucks in Canberra?

PS we need to work on Wally - he thinks walk and sketch is a great idea!

Julie Oakley said...

These are great. I could do with walking somewhere where there are people. There's only so many pictures of green fields that one can endure.

Julie Oakley said...

PS I think that's me with the big bum and the long hair!