Sunday, May 14, 2006

Day 14
I feel my landscapes are very primitive and have to remind myself that they are only a sketch of where I walked - exercise being the main aim. Ralph and I set off a little late for Hermione's bench and were caught by dusk. I saw this brief view where it looked as if the trees between the hills on the other side of the lake were holding up the blackness. Ralph continued on the 100 metres to Hermione's bench while I took a few mintues to draw, without my glasses, before it was quite dark. 6 km


Julie Oakley said...

I agree, exercise is the main aim and in bad weather I think we're going to have to be quite inventive in how to get a few marks on paper as quickly as possible. However, I don't know why you're so critical of your landscapes I've really liked what you've done so far.I was really interested to read that you've been involved with sea scouts. Your lucky daughter sailing around Fiji - as a child living there, it was only on rare occasions that I was able to spend time out on the water and those times were wonderful.

JaKo said...

No, I don´t think your sketches are very primitive. I like it !