Saturday, May 13, 2006

Day 13
A very busy day and come 9.30pm, after our bath, Ralph and I had still not gone for a walk. So we put on our coats over our pyjamas and set off under the beautiful starry, full-moon sky. It was a warm 10 degrees.
Here is the Southern Cross, featured on our flag. The two pointer stars on the left are very bright and can be used to find the five stars of the proper Southern Cross. Imagine a line linking the pointer stars and a line perpendicular to that - where it hits another imaginary line joining the two end stars of the Cross - drop a line vertically down to the horizon and that direction will be south. This navigation method was know to the ancient peoples of Australia and the pacific mariners. 4 km

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Julie Oakley said...

How lovely. I wish I'd taken time to enjoy the starry night skies when I used to live in the southern hemisphere.